My name is Garrett Milovich, and I live in southern Orange County with my beautiful wife Cheyne and son Jack.  Together, the three of us will change the world.

Here are twelve things you may or may not’ve known about me.

  1. My first name means “spear hunter.”  Also, the closest word to my name in the dictionary is “garrulous,” which means “talkative.”  Only one of those things aptly describes me.
  2. I am an avid spear hunter.
  3. A Croatian woman on a train outside Cinque Terre once told me “Milovich” meant “the maker of love.”  Now that aptly describes me. **
  4. I have preached nationally and internationally.
  5. I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  That means I like math.
  6. I have webbed toes.  But only on one foot.  If you want to know if I can swim faster, the answer is “yes.”  However, I just swim in circles.
  7. I wrote a book.
  8. I can’t draw very well or jump very high.
  9. I am overly proud of my bookshelf, which is the only thing in the house my wife didn’t decorate.  When guests come over, it’s one of the first things I point out.
  10. I ♥ the book of Judges.
  11. My first date with my wife involved yellow police tape, a French poet named Francois, Hometown Buffet, a 30 year old painting of a squirrel, and murder.
  12. I am madly in love with Jesus.  I spend exorbitant amounts of time teaching people about Him, writing books and blogs about Him, filming videos about Him, designing iPhone apps about Him, and basically talking about Him.

It’s hard to summarize your life in a mere twelve bullet points, but hopefully this gave you a small glimpse into my awesome life.  Hopefully we’ll meet someday.

Friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and look at my stunning photography on Instagram if you’d like.

** My wife just told me it was a Scandinavian woman at an Arby’s in Lake Forest.  I like my version better.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m very thankful I discovered “The Prayer App”. I’ve added 35 names of family and friends. I look forward to the app telling me “it’s time to pray”. I stop what I’m doing to pray.
    Thank you for creating the app!

    • Susan, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the app! When you have the time, it’d be great if you could leave it a review on the App Store and share it with your friends! Let me know if you have any ideas for people to add to the app!

      God bless,


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